Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last night at Family Home Evening, Steve was just getting us started and on a whim asked Makenna if she would please lead the music for us.  Well she took things seriously and before we knew it, this is what we were looking at . . .

She immediately ran over, grabbed a Book of Mormon (aka a hymn book), stood in front of us with the book in one hand and her arm up ready to lead the music.  SOOO cute!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's amazing what 2 years can do!!

I had gotten out Makenna's old carseat for a friend to borrow and when she brought it back to me, Makenna started playing with it.  She put her doll in it, and gave her a "bock a bye", and told her we were going to go bye-bye, and then after a little while she wanted to get in it herself.  She asked me to buckle it up and I just had to take a picture.  It made me think about how she used to look in the same carseat.  I couldn't help noticing what a difference 2 years can make in these little ones.  Stop growing!!!

The bottom picture I love for many reasons.  The biggest being the look of love and adoration Joey and Emalie have on their faces looking at their new baby sister.  But I also noticed that you can't even tell that she is in there because she is so tiny!  No long legs poking out, no head creeping over the top. . . so little and tiny.  They grow up sooo fast!

When Joey and Emalie were little I would always tell them to stop growing!!  They would get frustrated and tell me that they have to grow up and that they wanted to get bigger.  Now they tell me,  "Mom, tell her to stop growing!!!"  I think they are understanding my feelings a little better.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Back in the saddle again!

Whoa!!  Isn't amazing how just out of the blue we put a post up?  I have the best of intentions of getting this done, we both do (Steve and I), but well, it's been a little over a year, and NOTHING!  Here we are again!  Same family, different location!  New Mexico is home now even though I never thought I would live in New Mexico!!  We are very happy so far.

So there will be no pictures tonight, but I guess I just had to start somewhere.  So now maybe the hardest part is over???  Hopefully soon there will be pictures and updates because I just love my family and want to remember all the cool stuff that is said and done in this house.  I think everyone here would agree with me when I say that the cutest member by far is our little Stinkerbear (that's the current nickname) Makenna.  SO. MUCH. FUN!!  She learned to gallop tonight!  SO CUTE!  So I HOPE pictures and video are on their way so we can remember the day to day of our wonderful life!

Hey, look at that! A picture!

Makenna 2012

Makenna turned two!!

Baby Makenna (isn't she just adorable!?)